The 5 Greatest Superfoods You’ve Never Heard Of
There’s never been a better time to be alive, if you want your mind and body at peak performance and your life & relationships in complete fulfillment these superfoods may help.
Thanks to the internet, scientific research, and countless life-hacking volunteers sharing their stories, humans all over the world now have a wealth of resources for getting into amazing shape, living with ever-vibrant energy, and accelerating the creative power of their brains.
You can buy “standard” superfoods in most grocery stores, and in any health food store.
But there are some extra-powerful superfoods that are only now just available worldwide, even if they’ve been used as a secret for health, inner power, and longevity for thousands of years.
This is sometimes known as the "root the helps your roots," because it's been cherished for its apparent ability to turn grey hair to its natural color, or to potentially help combat hair loss.

However, there are numerous other benefits to He Shou Wu... such as calming the nervous system, easing lower back and knee pain, and maybe even enhancing fertility.

There's also been multiple studies showing the possibility of living longer from using the root's rejuvenative abilities.

The old legend is that a man named Neng Zi was born very weak and unable to satisfy his woman. Once he discovered He Shou Wu, he not only was a master and pleasing his wife... but he lived to be 160 years old... and lived with vibrant happy energy for the rest of his days.

Most do not believe this legend, but many users report enjoying at least some measure of the benefits that the story reflects. Click here to learn more about He Shou Wu...

Now possibly the greatest one of all:
The most overlooked of all the superfoods is probably Pine Pollen.
Anyone who wants a higher-powered brain, a steel-tough immune system, and their male or female hormones functioning in great balance, should take a look at this special herb.

The Chinese Oil Pine is found at altitudes of 1600 to 2600 feet high, but is so coveted for its benefits that for thousands of years, explorers ventured to the tops to find it.
The list of benefits is too long to mention, but some of the most sought-after powers of the herb MAY include:
· Faster brain power for solving problems
· Athletic performance and recovery
· Greater creativity
· Excellent skin and hair,
· Greater satisfaction in dating and marriage from better hormonal balance
· Calm focused energy
· Impressive endurance
· Joint health
· Great looking skin and hair
Some even speculate that Pine Pollen can improve your DNA.
The herb contains 18 amino acids and a full spectrum of dozens of nutrients (Over 200), so it’s almost harder to find what it can’t help with.
No matter what you’re looking for a superfood to do, Pine Pollen is something that everyone should at least investigate for themselves. 
Ayuverdic Medicine has long had a secret weapon they believed would infuse a patient with high levels of antioxidants, detoxify their blood, and boost their immune system.
They used a special trinity of the herbal delights Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bhibitaki... and call this union Triphala.
Whether you want to be more regular in your digestion, fight a cold, or just feel amazing every day, you should have Triphala on your shelf.
If you thought that goji and acai berries were the only super-fruits that should be on your radar, think again.
For the last 2200 years, the Chinese people have been using this special food which they call The Dragon’s Eye.
An ancient document, Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic, first described it as something to help people lose weight and stay young, but that was just the beginning.
The heart, spleen, and pancreas benefit from this berry, and many claim to feel their emotional states pick up fast and have much better digestion since trying it.

Click here to learn more about Longan Berry...
In the Qing Dynasty in China, there was a saying “Everyone knows that one employs ziziphus and fu-shen if one can not sleep.”
Nowadays, very few know of this special sleep-herb, which is quite a shame because many find themselves waking up more rested in the morning after wonderful deep dreams, thanks to knowing Ziziphus.
The great thing is that this herb works as a calming agent as well... so it’s something that people can take in the afternoon if they’re stressed from work, or have a date coming up that they want to be calm for.