Top 3 Herbs to Add to Coffee
Most people drink coffee. So why not take coffee and give it more potent effects on your health by turning it into herbal coffee?

Everyone knows that coffee is stimulating. What you may not know is that because of that property, it can help “stimulate” your body into uptaking more of any herbs you may combine with it.

Coffee is bitter, but overall, most people come to enjoy its flavor. The good news is that there are certain herbs that have similar taste profiles that go right along with it.

In this video and post I’ll share three of my favorites.

Chaga mushroom – We have a potent dual extract, so just a little bit of this goes a long way. Chaga contains vanillic acid, the same thing that gives vanilla it’s flavor.

Black Maca – Personally, I prefer the gelatinized version to the raw, but every can make their own choice. Either way they taste great. In addition to the well known libido qualities of maca, a lot of people notice energy from it too.

He Shou Wu – In my mind, this may be one of the best balancing herbs to coffee there is. A great anti-aging substance that will work for lots of people to take long term.

One thing that you’ll notice is that all three of these would be classified as jing herbs. That dark color, which tends to have similar tastes associated with it, is an indicator for why that may be.

The other important aspect of that is that since coffee can be used and abused, stimulating the adrenals too much, by combining it with jing herbs you can help to counterbalance those effects.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am quite random with my herb taking overall. However, since I tend to drink one and only one cup of coffee each day, these three herbs have been ones I regularly take, and have been doing so for a long length of time.

These aren’t the only herbs you can add to coffee, but for their effects and for their tastes, they’re my top 3.